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The title of Glenn Campagna’s newest release, “You Are the Only”, is more than just a phrase to the young artist, it’s his core motivation in life and music.

After touring extensively as a guitarist and vocalist in both the secular and Christian markets, Campagna’s story changed drastically when God unexpectedly called him to put music on hold.  When asked about this difficult decision, he states, “I recognized that there was a large calling on my life to reach a lot of people but my commitment and my skill needed to be on the same level.  If I really wanted God to bless my ministry, I knew that I needed to step out and meet Him in faith.”

At that, he moved halfway across the country to attend Victory Bible College, serve as a worship leader, and become ordained– all the while trusting that God was preparing him for the next step.  Looking back, Campagna says, “I knew that my break from music was temporary, but I had to put MY vision for music on the back-burner in favor of the bigger picture that God was painting.”
In 2014 this “bigger picture” became clear- Glenn Campagna would return to music, this time as a solo artist.

Combining pop, EDM, and rock, as well as his undeniable ability to write a hook, Campagna’s first solo release, “You Are the Only”, will have audiences on their feet and singing along as they connect with messages of self-worth, surrender to God, and hope.  “My goal is to be the hardest-working musician that I know,” he states.  “I want to give people awesome music that will leave them feeling better than when they started listening”.

Overall, “You Are the Only” is a statement that Glenn Campagna is taking to heart.  “No matter the success or failure, the highs or the lows, God is my only reason for pursuing a career in music.  He’s my only reason for breathing,” Campagna proclaims.  “‘You Are the Only’ is birthed out of a place of realizing that God is the only thing truly worth pursuing in life.  We’re all searching for something, and I want my journey to point to something greater than myself.”